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User agreement

Access and Use Agreement

By clicking the "I Agree" button below, I acknowledge, understand and agree to the following with respect to my use of Hennepin County Online Services and the various applications, products and utilities available to me thereunder (may be referred to herein as "Hennepin County Online Services"). Hennepin County Online Services is an online service provided by Hennepin County; a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota (may be referred to herein as "Hennepin County"):
1) I will use Hennepin County Online Services only for purposes directly related to official business with Hennepin County or its departments, personnel, programs or other services offered thereby.
2) I am creating this account and accessing Hennepin County Online Services using only my own personal information and for my own exclusive use. I will not create an account or use Hennepin County Online Services on behalf of another person, even if I have that person's permission.
3) I am accessing Hennepin County Online Services at my own risk. Hennepin County Online Services encrypts data while in transit, however, Hennepin County is not responsible for the security of my device or any other device or network not owned by Hennepin County. I am solely responsible for the security of my data and device.
4) I am responsible for safeguarding my own user ID and password, I will not share my user ID and password with others and I will not allow others to use my user ID or password for any reason.
5) I am responsible for any activity that occurs with the use of my account whether by me or any other person.
6) Hennepin County may monitor my use of Online Services, network traffic and any other activity related to my account.
7) Hennepin County may terminate my access at any time, for any reason.
8) I must comply with applicable federal, state and local laws. Illegal use of the Hennepin County Online Services is strictly prohibited. Threatening, harassing and/or discriminatory conduct is strictly prohibited. Abuse, misuse, criminal activity or other unauthorized actions, including but not limited to attempts or acts to access, add, view, upload, change or delete Hennepin County Online Services or any information thereon, i.e., 'hacking', will be reported to appropriate authorities.
9) Hennepin County is providing Hennepin County Online Services as an unsupported service. Hennepin County has no obligation whatsoever to enable or ensure my use of the Online Services.
10) HENNEPIN COUNTY DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE USE, SECURITY OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SERVICE. Hennepin County Online Services is a computer application and as such, may not be error free or interruption free. System requirements are subject to change.
12) Hennepin County reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this Acceptable Use Agreement at any time, in any manner. Notice of any revisions, amendments, or modifications will be emailed to you using the email addressed associated with your account.
13) Hennepin County Online Services may allow me to access additional online resources that are specifically authorized for me - based upon my need, eligibility and registration, e.g., online housing services and/or online Sentence to Serve scheduling. With respect thereto, I understand and agree as follows: (i) that said additional online resources may notify me about legal terms, conditions, rights, duties and obligations specifically applicable thereto; and (ii) by using said additional online resources, I thereby agree to comply with those additional legal terms, conditions, rights, duties and obligations; and (iii) that if I do not agree with those additional legal terms, conditions, rights, duties and obligations, I will not use the selected online resource but will, instead, contact my Hennepin County representative/designee to discuss the matter.

By checking this box you agree to the user agreement